ChwanYu is specialized in manufacturing nodular ductile iron castings for industry machinery, we provide fully customized services to meet any requirement on casting materials. ChwanYu can manufacture nodular ductile iron castings JIS FCD400~FCD800, compacted graphite castings FCV350-450, gray iron castings JIS FC250 to FC400, or any material spec to meet German DIN standard or American ASTM standard requirements. We also develop high alloy cast iron products with customer’s request, examples are the project of high alloy castings from Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan); the project of high strength and toughness castings for semiconductor industrial machine; and the project of high accuracy castings for processing machine.
ChwanYu is a leading casting company, we work closely with machinery companies as well as processing manufacturers to provide customers with high quality and industry standards-compliant products; ChwanYu people devote ourselves to provide great quality products to our valuable customers.
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